Don't Call It A Throwback

Don't Call It A Throwback

Posted by Tanner on 22nd Jul 2021

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. - Ecclesiastes 1:9

The idea of a “throwback” is not new, nor is our concept of nostalgia. It’s almost like the authors of the Bible were taking bets on how soon this line was gonna get played-out while the ink was still drying on the papyrus. Not that much has fundamentally changed about the human mind, and I think that’s actually ok.

Hear me out.

So I study nostalgia. In reality, though, just I like old stuff—whatever you want to label it: vintage, classic, antique, or antediluvian. Comes with getting older, probably, but you should have seen how far I spit my teeth out the first time I heard Smells Like Teen Spirit on a classic rock station. The fact that I still listen to radio tipped you off, I know.

Like most children of the 80s, I learned about the world through two vital streams of information: the playground, and the TV. The playground was for vital stuff: relationships, the price of candy on the open market, cool drawings of Ninja Turtles, and who got mad when you made fun of their mom. We learned fast, too.

TV was different - it was a strange fantasy world. Considering the spate of sitcom reunions,and marathon streams of shows you watched online, it’s apparent that I'm not alone. The lure of the old can be as strong as that of the new. Every time I change the laundry over, I recite this line. Remember the vanity card that always played before Danger Mouse - like super early on Saturday morning? I do.

Do you even know about the hours of commercials and station IDs available online, just from the area?

Let’s just say, I’m affected

Which is why the Nostalgia section of the site is always growing. Since our beloved teams have the consistency of the weather this summer, it’s fun to look back at our collective history: movies, moments, even press conferences. Often things get mixed up as I get older, sometimes badly, but usually you all know what I’m getting at.